How To

Welcome to the first step on your EC journey - figuring out your baby's cues!

Chances are you have already read about elimination communication, its background and how to do it (if not, check out the resources tab for helpful suggestions), but theres always that initial learning curve as we begin to become in tune with our baby's natural timing. EC App is designed to make that learning curve a bit easier for you and take out some of the guess work.

The best way to get started is to spend a couple weeks giving your baby some diaper free time where you can observe your baby. This could be anything from 20-30 mins a day (the longer the more chance you have to spot a cue) with your baby on a water proof mat (check out the resources tab for ideas) or a water proof floor with no diaper on.

As you observe your baby, use EC App to log when your baby poos or wees and the cue you spot. It does take some time and patience but after a week or two of diaper free time you will notice either a time pattern or a common cue before a poo or wee happens from the EC App graph summaries.

Having trouble spotting cues? No problem, there are some common times most babies like to potty. These are generic timings such as:

  • after waking up
  • after or during a feed
  • after or before being in a carrier, stroller, car seat, high chair etc.
  • during a diaper change
  • before or after bath times

During these times offer the potty and log a generic timing if they pee or poo to start seeing a pattern in the graph summaries. 

You can also log wake up and feeding times and EC App will track time intervals from wake up till their next pee or poo to make it easier for you to see a pattern. 

Even if you are part time EC'ing or even occasionally, EC App can help you spot your baby's potty cues. Just by logging when they wake up, feed and when you notice a wee/poo (even in their diaper) over a period of time may be enough for you to get in tune with your baby's natural timing. We've been able to catch most of our little ones poos just by paying attention to generic timings and with less poopy diapers to wash we can't complain!